17Units Animatronic Animals Ordered By Cyprus Clients

17Units Animatronic Animals Ordered By Cyprus Clients

Order list :

1unit animatronic crocodile , 1unit animatronic giraffe , 1unit animatronic hippo , 1unit animatronic gorilla , 1unit animatronic monkey , 1unit animatronic lion ,1unit animatronic leopard , 1 unit animatronic rhinoceros , two units animatronic butterfly etc…. finished in factory for Cyprus customer ,all animatronic animals are sunshine , raining as well as snow proof

Animatronic Animals,Animatronic Butterfly

Animatronic Animals

Animatronic rhinoceros Animatronic Monkey Animatronic Lion Animatronic Leopard Animatronic Hippo Animatronic Gorilla Animatronic Giraffe Factory 2009-11-24 Animatronic Crocodile

Here below you can see the animatronic animals after installed in Cyprus customers Jungle theme restaurant 

animatronic animals

Jungel animal in Cyprus theme restaurant

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