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4 Big Robot Dinosaurs Finished In Factory For Czech Republic Customer

After 35 days hard working by our engineers , we finished all the 4 big robot dinosaurs for our regular Czech Republic customer in our factory.The 4 dinosaurs is including two T-Rex and two Brachiosaurus , all of which are customized according to the size of adult real life size T-Rex and Brachiosaurus’ skeleton and authoritative ancient biology books 

Order List : 

DWD125 Brachiosaurus 2 Pcs
DWD1340 Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 Pcs

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Here below you can see the photos after all the 4 animatronic dinosaurs installed in Czech Republic customer’s dinosaur park.

Big Animatronic Dinosaurs After Installed In Dinosaur Park

Big Animatronic T-Rex and Brachiosaurus In Czech Republic 2015