Only can be a cowboy? No, you can be the coolest”Dinoboy”
Ride on a horse or ride on any animal is a very boring topic, but if someone told you”lets ride on a dinosaur”, you might think that this guy is going crazy or he is asking for the moon. But in fact, this guy is very imaginative because our job is to realize people’s dreams. Just imagine the feeling when you ride on a realistic dinosaur costume and control this dinosaur go anywhere you want.
All the visitors including adults and children around will admire you because you are the hero who domesticated the most powerful overlord in the ancient age of the earth.
Our realistic stilts dinosaur ride is available for using at any dinosaur park, amusement park, stage show, attraction event or promotional activities.

Pick out our walking dinosaur rider/ dinosaurs costume/ dinosaur suit/ dinosaur puppet that you love most, show us the items number and name, you will receive the best offer from us!

If you have the style you want , just provide us the pictures ,we can customize for you . Welcome consult our customized service.

DWE3324-38 T-Rex Ride Costume

DWE3324-39 T-Rex Ride Costume