How To Connect Accessories To Animatronic Dinoaurs After You Received Dinosaurs In Your Location , We Will Show You In This Page

1.You will find all the accessories in the flight box which we will prepared for you with dinosaurs together , get ready for the control boxes , sensors , power cables , speakers , rock covers etc…

2. Connecting all the accessories on the control box as shown below

3. Turn on the ” Start ” Power on control box , you will see a life size dinosaur roaring and making movements in front of you 🙂 . Very easy , right ?

animatronic dinosaur,dinosaur costume

After Dinosaurs Arrived In Your Place , You Will Put Our Dinosaurs Metal Base Into The Earth As Photos Shown You Below

Animatronic Dinosaurs,Artificial Dinosaurs,Dinosaur Costumes

If You Do Not Have Earth Or Your Place Is For Museum , Indoor Playground Which Is Concrete Flooring , We Can Help You To Decorate Our Animatronic Dinosaurs Base To Be The Following Style. Very Beautiful Base , Isn’t It 🙂

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