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Zigong Dinosaurs World Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals, kids dig fossils replica , dinosaur skeletons replica , dinosaur fossil & bones replica, fiberglass cartoon characters , theme dinosaur park entrance , walking dinosaur rides , kids entertainment models , dinosaur costumes and dinosaur rides in China .Through the years of hard working , we have cooperated with European , Japanese , South Korean , USA , South American and the Middle East customers for more than 12 years. We have became one of the biggest exporters for Animatronic products all over the world.

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Animatronic Dinosaur

If you have jurassic park , dinosaur park , theme park , amusement park , kids playground or any kind of attraction event show , our animatronic dinosaurs will always be the best models for attract peoples attention in your place.
There are more than 300units different kind of dinosaurs that customer can pick out from our catalog and in the meantime , high standard customized animatronic dinosaurs is acceptable in our company.

Animatronic Animal

Some customers is very pity that the children or kids are not allowed to touch the real animals even they have zoo park or animals theme parks in their countries because some animals are very dangers such as tiger , crocodile , lion , rhinoceros , wolf , shark , hippo etc… but this problem will be solved by our real size and alive looking animatronic animals . Customer can buy them and display our animatronic animals at anywhere in their park , kids and children can touch and play with our alive looking animatronic animals at anytime if they want 🙂

Dinosaur Skeleton Replica

All of our dinosaur skeleton replica is made according to the museum quality. Our factory is only 3km far away from a dinosaur museum in our city , which is the third biggest dinosaur museum in the whole world. If we customized any dinosaur skeleton replica to clients , we will first go to musuem and ask dinosaurs specialist in the musuem to follow up this order in our factory in order the finished dinosaur skeleton replica will be as similar as the real dinosaurs skeleton

Dinosaur Costume

There should be something interactive with kids in the exhibition or event show. Our dinosaur costume is the best option for you . They have realistic dinosaurs appearance , life size shapes , smooth movements , vivid roaring sound and most importantly , they can be perform at anywhere and anytime and are very easy to control and transported .

Cartoon Carnival Model

Do you like to have the Cartoon Characters that you will only seen in the animation or cartoon movies ? We will make your dream come true 🙂 All the fiberglass cartoon characters will be customized for you for your kids playground , water parks , museum etc….. The only thing you need to do is tell us the size and the name of the characters that you want , then the rest working will be followed by our company !

Kids Dig Fossils Replica

Whatever you have your own dinosaur park , dinosaur museum , kids playground , amusement park , theme park or any kind of attraction show , “kids dig dinosaurs bones and fossils replica “will always be the most popular models in your place. All the fossils , bones or the full dinosaur skeleton replica will be made according to life size dinosaurs and museum high standard quality for you .

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Walking Dinosaur Rides

Imaging a kids ride on a dinosaur and control it move forward , go right and left , what an amazing and unbelievable scene which will be only created in the computer animation. No , this is not the truth , with our help , everything is possible . We make all kinds of kids walking dinosaur ride models for overseas customers to increating the attraction in their area.

Kids Entertainment Models

There are so many different kind of dinosaurs models for kids entertainment such as our T-rex head , dinosaur eggs , animatronic walking tree , artificial volcano, triceratops lay eggs , dinosaur rides , dinosaur backbones climbing models etc……which are very hot sale for overseas customers. Click ” Read More ” below to see the full catalog of our kids entertainment models.

Animatronic Dinosaur Rides

Animatronic dinosaur ride is one of our most hot sale production , kids love and enjoy when they riding on dinosaurs back and feel dinosaurs body go up and down , left and right . Parents often take photos when their kids are riding on the dinosaurs , what a happy and sweet sight , isn’t it 🙂

Why Us?

Top 10 Animatronic Production Factory In The World
All Models Are Water , Sunshine and SnowProof
Over 12 Years Experience For Exporting Dinosaur Models Business
3 Years Guarantee And After Service For All Our Customers Worldwide
Each Year , Over 500Units Animatronic Models Transported To Overseas
All Dinosaurs Are European , Japanese And USA High Quality Standard
Customized Museum Quality Animatronic Dinosaurs
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Customized Museum Quality Animatronic Animals
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Our factory post will show you the latest making process for animatronic dinosaurs , animals , fiberglass cartoon characters , walking dinosaur rides,dinosaur costumes , kids dig fossils replica and other kids entertainment models  in our factory
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