(1) Factory Area : Over 6000m² with more than 55 contracted Engineers

(2) Production Capacity : 70units different style and life sizes animatronic dinosaurs per month

(3) Four Manufacturing  & Inspecting Team 

15 Metal Framing Engineers ( Responsible For Making Dinosaurs Main Structure )

10 Electrical Engineers ( Responsible For Install Engines , Power cables as well as Control Boxes )

25 Skin Engineers ( Responsible For Making Dinosaurs Main Shape , Skin , Texture , Eyes , Colors Painting as well as Packing )

5  Inspecting Engineers ( Responsible For The Testing and Inspection Of Dinosaurs Before They Transported From Our Factory )

(4) Production Range Animatronic Dinosaurs , Animatronic Animals , Dinosaur Costume , Artificial Dinosaur Skeleton , Life size Fossils Replica , Fiberglass Models.

(5) Accessories : Spare parts Engines , Glues , Silicon , Socks , Oil Painting Colors , Control Boxes , Fuses , Sensors , Artificial Rocks Proofs …etc….

(6) Guarantee : 36 Months Quality Guarantee !

Dinosaurs Making Process In Factory

Dinosaurs Making Process In Factory

Dinosaurs Packing

We will have estimated loading in factory before animatronic dinosaurs shipping to Chinese port ( We Generally use Shenzhen port for our destination port in China ) , as dinosaurs have different length , height and width , we will put them together in factory and make sure they can be loaded into the space of the containers in the port. Of course , some times we will asking containers to our factory directly , but sometimes we will have trucks which have different sizes with containers to our factory , so the dinosaurs estimated loading in factory is very necessary.

Here below is the dimension of different containers for clients reference :

20GP , we often call it 20feet container , the dimension is 5.8m in length , 2.3m in height , 2.3m in width

40GP , we often call it 40feet container , the dimension is 11.8m in length , 2.3m in height , 2.3m in width

40HQ , the dimension is 11.8m in length , 2.7m in height , 2.3m in width

With the step of dinosaurs estimated loading in factory , everything will be under control by us !

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Animatronic Dinosaurs Transported From Factory

Dinosaurs Packing & Spare Parts Prepared Into Flight Boxes

Before animatronic dinosaurs and other products leave from our factory , we will put all the accessories such as control boxes , power cables ….etc….into flight boxes in order they can transported by a easy and save way. Our flight boxes will be customized for clients in each order in order it can perfectly match the dimension of the control boxes and other accessories , also this way can save the space in the containers

Meanwhile , all the spare parts including control board , power cable , sensors , color paintings , silicon , lady socks , fuses , engines…etc… will be prepared for clients into the flight box and transported with dinosaurs together to clients place. If clients have any problem when they finished the installation of dinosaurs in their location , they can have spare parts in the flight box to repair the dinosaurs.

You give us order , we give you the guarantee 🙂