Dinosaur & Jurassic Park

If you have jurassic park , dinosaur park , theme park , amusement park , kids playground or any kind of attraction event show , our animatronic dinosaurs will always be the best models for attract peoples attention in your place.

Dinosaur Costume

Our dinosaur costume is the best option for you . They have realistic dinosaurs appearance , life size shapes , smooth movements , vivid roaring sound and most importantly , they can be perform at anywhere and anytime and are very easy to control and transported .

Theme & Amusement Park

The following is the advertisement from customers website ” Our theme park dinosaurs world like to take you on a journey through time to the forgotten world “

Lets enjoy your Theme & Amusement Park trip in reality world!

Kids Playground

Whatever you want get money from kids or all the dinosaurs models will be just free for them , order and promoting our kids playground models in your amusement park , museum , kids entertainment site , theme park , dinosaur park , Jurassic park , attraction event , dinosaurs show etc…. will be your best choice !

Jungle & Theme Restaurant

The jungle & theme these amazing animatronic animals displayed in his restaurant,People there can have delicious food , fresh drink and have fun with these animatronic animals.


Before we start the production of museum high standard quality dinosaurs or animals , we will collecting all the information about the models from books , museum , scientific report, archaeologists articlescrap etc…. in order the finished models will be perfectly match the real skeleton.

Shopping Mall

Animatronic Dinosaurs Shopping Mall Project – Canada
Customer in Canada ordered huge T-rex , dinosaurs skeleton and fossils replica for the attraction in their shopping mall

Super Market

Over 14 units big ice age animals models have been installed in the biggest shopping mall in Venezuela. All these giant animals are made handwork by our engineers , 1;1 , realistic , alive looking with movements and sound . Do you like to go shopping with these prehistorical age animals beside you ?

Christmas & Festival

Are you still wondering what kind of attraction models should be display for your Christmas event or Festival holiday ? No doubt , our animatronic dinosaurs will help you to be the top attraction in your Christmas show or any kind of event

Theme Water Park

Hot Sale Water Park Dinosaurs , Check Our Animatronic Dinosaurs In Water Park Project
Our Animatronic Dinosaurs In Different Countries Waterpark

Attraction Event

In 2008 , Clients in the UK ordered 24 life size animatronic dinosaurs from us , which have been installed in the most busiest places in the UK – London Oxford Street . Kids and overseas customers there can spent several hours or even a whole day with our animatronic dinosaurs
Meanwhile , this exhibition was regarded as the biggest dinosaurs exhibition show in the whole Europe.

Animatronic Animal Feature

Animatronic animals refer to the use of robotic devices to emulate animals to an animal model. The animatronic animal is a multi-handcraft field which integrates mechanicals, sculpture, texture, skin, and painting resulting in lifelike animals. It’s powered by electrical or pneumatics ways and can be operated automatically using both sensor and human control.