In This Page , You Will See How To Repair Animatronic Dinosaurs After They Arrived In Your Site

Here is the front view of our animatronic dinosaurs control box which we have shown to you in the column of ” How To Use “

animatronic dinosaurs control box

Matters need attention

1. When animatronic dinosaurs or animals start to work in your exhibition , visitors are not allowed to touch dinosaurs moving parts such as head , claws , tail , stomach , body etc…. which is easy to broken the moving construction inside of dinosaurs and having short circuit .

2. Visitors can have fun and touch animatronic dinosaurs or take photos with them , but sharp tools such as knife , key , needle are not allowed to taking in hand which is easy to broken dinosaurs skin.

In control boxes opposite side , you will see the fuses installed on the control box. The fuses is made to protecting the engines inside of our animatronic dinosaurs . So if there is any problem with the dinosaurs movements , the only thing you need to do is replace the fuse on the control box , very easy !

animatronic dinosaurs fuses

3.Sometimes , clients will have traveling exhibition after they bought our animatronic dinosaurs , if they transport animatronic products from Australia to Japan or from Europe to USA , there will be a problem that is ” Different voltage standard in different countries ” , please do not worry , we have created “voltage exchange button” on our control box in order you can use our animatronic dinosaurs everywhere in this world 🙂

animatronic dinosaurs voltage exchange in different countries

4.The most common problem after dinosaurs use several months in clients place is the skin . Kids love dinosaurs very much , so they often touch , kiss or hug dinosaurs even ride on them , but sometimes the dinosaurs skin will be scoring by the sharp tools as we mentioned in this page above , so we have taken a video to show you how to repair dinosaurs skin if the visitors scoring them indeliberately in your site.

We will prepare all the repair accessories that you seen in this video into a standard flight box and transport it with dinosaurs together to your place in order you can repair dinosaurs skin with a very convenient way

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