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We have much experience in making dinosaur fossils and skeletons, and there are many different styles of dinosaur skeleton available in our factory to customers. There is always one style that you like.

First of all, here is the skeleton area, which including Fluorescent Skeleton,Golden Skeleton, Animatronic Skeleton,and of course, the most popular T-Rex Skeletons, etc

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Fossil Species And Types

Every month we manufacture fossil and skeleton products for our customers in all regions of the world. Some of the dinosaur skeleton replicas were designed by our engineers. Whether dinosaur fossils or other animal fossils,we can make a perfect 1:1 replica.

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The Dinosaur Fossil And Skeleton Collectors

The Dinosaur Fossil And Skeleton Collectors

We can make any dinosaur fossil and dinosaur skeleton replica models. Yes! Any of them! If you are a dinosaur skeleton lover or a collector or you are doing the business for the prehistorical museum, attraction exhibition or any kind of amusement show, you should not miss such great dinosaur models.

Children’s Area

This is the model we called “digging dinosaur fossils” which we have special designed and created for children. This model will enable children to learn the knowlage and to find the happiness while they are playing games. Just click the video and have a look.

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Customize Dinosaur Skeleton Replica

We can provide customized services including the size, shape, color, posture, and even the movements of the dinosaur skeleton to ensure that the dinosaur skeleton or dinosaur fossils purchased by the customer are very distinctive. When customer exhibit dinosaurs in the park or even on their website, the dinosaur skeleton should be looking like a real one which discovered from the archaeological site. Meanwhile , we can also discuss all the possibilities of the ancient animal fossils or prehistorical beast skeleton models.

Case Of Our Service

Order from Croatian guests

Our work is very meticulous and impeccable for the details of the dinosaur fossils replica , which has earned our customers trust again ……

Orders from US customers

Customers from the Museum of Ancient Culture in Florida recently want to host a related exhibition of the largest carnivore in the history of the earth-the spinosaurus and Succhomimus……

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Why Us

The most professional animal and dinosaur skeleton manufacturer in China with over 100 pieces of museum skeleton replicas in stock. The high simulation skeletons are scientifically accurate under the guidance of our specially-invited expert.

  1. 24 months guarantee
  2. Over 30 world-class dinosaur projects
  3. CE certificate for US and Europe Market
  4. Over 10 years’ experience in dinosaur skeleton  industry
  5. Waterproof, sunproof and snowproof for outdoors
  6. Professional after-sales team

Customers reviews

These extinct dinosaur skeletons enriched our collection. They are absolute with museum quality and look like the real specimens. We now have a brand new gallery for the Dinosaur Evolving Exhibition.

Adam Sendler
The Spinosaurus Skull is fascinating, we are shocked by every single detail you made on the bone. It’s just like the real specimen. Amazing workmanship!!!

Jerry Lee
100% amazing and reliable work. Keep me informed and up-to-date every step of the build with photos. Can’t recommend them enough.

Mike Sendler


Most frequent questions and answers

Will the skeleton be disassembled for delivery?

Yes, the skeleton will be disassembled.

Is it difficult to assemble the skeleton?

The assembly process is very easy under the guidance of our installation manual. Each bone are marked with the indicative letter so that the whole process is just like doing a puzzle.

Can the skeletons used for outdoor?

The skeletons are made of high-quality fiberglass so that they are weatherproof and there is no problem putting them outdoor.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty is 3 years. And lifelong maintanance service is available.

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