kids Entertainment Equipment (about dinosaur theme)

We are the top entertainment and amusement equipment manufacturer from China, and our main business includes all entertainment equipments which related to dinosaurs and artificial animals. From dinosaur mounts, dinosaur running cars to large dinosaur sculptures, water spray dinosaurs and children’s interactive dinosaur burial sites etc, all of which can be customized.
We are the manufacturer, the designer, and also responsible for installation and maintenance guide.

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Engage And Photo

Dinosaur sculptures are generally made by FRP. It is a favorite photo project for children and can also be used as a gateway to a certain scene.
If you have special requirements, we can also make products with silicone rubber and install mechanical and electrical engines side to make them look more realistic and cool.

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Animatronic Dinosaurs

Control The movements of Animatronic Dinosaurs
By coining and then clicking on the control panel, you can control the activity of any part on the dinosaur. Does it sound amazing? More cool thing is that our dinosaurs not only make regular movements, but also can spraying water, smoke, shake trees, lay eggs and other special functions.

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Dinosaurs Slide

Dinosaur slides – which the items that children must play. Because our main exporting countries are Europe and the America, We have strict requirements on materials which are all accessible and non-irritating. Come on and check out the products we have sold.

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Kids Finding Fossils

This is the model we called “digging dinosaur fossils” which we have special designed and created for children. This model will enable children to learn the knowlage and to find the happiness while they are playing games. Just click the video and have a look.

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Dinosaurs Rides

No matter where the places are, children will always be interested in riding a dinosaur. Our dinosaur ride models are suitable for any occasion, and the mode of operation can be also coin-operated, temporary rent or sold directly
We have quality certification for all related dinosaur rides. Welcome to purchasing or having customized service.

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more products

We also have a lot of dinosaur-related products, such as dinosaur eggs, custom dinosaur models, shooting dinosaurs, dinosaur golf courses, dinosaur park seats, etc.
We are also like to do the customize products according to customer’s needs, welcome to inquiry.

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Leading by the manager who has more than 10 years customer service,responsible for effective communication with more than 50 countries customer. Careful, patient, respectful, accurate understanding of customer intentions and providing project methods to our customers is our final goal, which will greatly reducing the time of communication and saving customers valuable time.

Authorized Certification

We Obtain ISO9001, CE, BV, TUV, SGS certificates for all the products and raw materials.

On Time Delivery & Inspection

Punishment system will be wroten in the contract before the order to gurantee delivery time for customer . 24~48 hrs quality inspection process in factory before shipping

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