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Animatronic animals exhibition in turkey

Animatronic animals exhibition in turkey In October 2016 our customer will hold an  animatronic animals exhibition in a park in Istanbul,capital of Turkey  no doubt, The Ice Age e-simulation animal is the second most popular simulation product show in addition to the simulated dinosaurs.,You dare to imagine the giants of the Ice Age that came to […]

Furry, spiky mammal scampered among dinosaurs

When scales were all the rage, one early mammal sported fur and spines. Unearthed in central Spain, a skeleton of the newly discovered small mammal, christened Spinolestes xenarthrosus, dates to 125 million years ago, paleontologist Thomas Martin of the University of Bonn in Germany and colleagues report in the Oct. 15 Nature. At the time, […]

Scientists Unearth New Species of Triceratops,Horned Dinosaur Fossil Adds Hooks to Evolutionary

Scientists have discovered one of the oldest horned dinosaurs, a one-ton behemoth that had spikes above its eyes, on its nose and covering almost its entire neck. The new dinosaur, named Wendiceratops pinhornensis, is described from over 200 bones representing the remains of four specimens from the group of large-bodied dinosaurs known as the Ceratopsidea. […]

New Dinosaur Species Which is close relative with triceratops, the regaliceratops, discovered in Canada

When fossil experts first clapped eyes on the skull, it was clearly from a strange, horned dinosaur. When they noticed how stunted the bony horns were, its nickname, Hellboy, was assured. The near-complete skull of the 70 million-year-old beast was spotted by chance 10 years ago, protruding from a cliff that runs along the Oldman […]

How do you tell a boy dinosaur from a girl dinosaur?

(Reuters) – For extinct creatures like dinosaurs known only from fossils, it is notoriously difficult to differentiate the males from the females of a species because sex distinctions are rarely obvious from the skeletons. But in the case of the well-known Jurassic dinosaur Stegosaurus, a study published on Wednesday may provide a handy how-to guide […]

Scientist’s Discover New Species Of Dinosaur

Despite the dinosaur’s extinction millions of years ago by what is thought to be believed by doom by a wayward comet, scientists have recently discovered an entirely new species that may have roamed the world 100 million years ago. The species has been nicknamed the Sibirosaurus, a creature though to be related to the giant […]