European Customer’s 14th Life Size Dinosaurs And Fiberglass Dinosaur Eggs Order

After 20days hard working , we have finished the feathered life size dinosaur- Archeopteryx and Fiberglass Dinosaur Eggshell for our old friends – Czech republic customers

I am sure that our dinosaur products will bring the greatest happiness to the children in their park

Below you can see the finished products photos with different view.

Items number : 

DWE055 Fiberglass  Dinosaur Egg Shell 5pcs
DWD5225  Animatronic  Dinosaur  Archeopteryx 1pc

For Fiberglass Related Dinosaur Models

Fiberglass is the ideal material for large sculptures for indoor and outdoor entertainment area, and it is light-weight for easy installation and transportation. Robotdinos is professional in manufacturer and designing all kinds of fiberglass statue of dinosaurs, animals, prehistorical monsters , insects, movie characters, or miniature buildings.

For Animatronic Related Dinosaur Models

All our animatronic dinosaur models are lifelike appearance, flexible movements with vivid roaring sound and are loved by visitors of the amusement park , Jurassic dinosaur theme parks, dinosaur museums, and attraction exhibitions.

We consult with paleontologists to ensure each animatronic dinosaur are customized based on the correct scientific data.
Robotdinos can design and produce many kinds of animatronic dinosaurs according to customer’s requirements and specifications.

Share your ideas with us right now , you will have your own attraction models soon 🙂

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