Amusement Park Equipment – Histriasaurus Dinosaur Finished In Factory For Croatian Customer 2018

Through ocean transportation, our amusement park equipment -Histriasaurus dinosaur arrived at customer’s dinosaur park in advance.

We were very happy when we finished the dinosaur production because we customized a new species.

Customers are very picky about running a dinosaur park, so we need to be very cautious in our production process. Finally, our work has been recognized to be very professional by customers – this is the highest feedback from our Croatian customers.

Below are the photos when we finished this huge amusement park equipment – Histriasaurus for you reference

DWD6616 Static  Dinosaur Histriasaurus

 DWD6616 Animatronic Dinosaur Histriasaurus
Front View Of Huge Dinosaur Histriasaurus
amusement park equipment dinosaur
HUGE Static Dinosaur Histriasaurus
amusement park equipment Histriasaurus
Life Size Huge Dinosaur Histriasaurus
amusement park equipment Histriasaurus
20m Huge Dinosaur Histriasaurus
amusement park equipment Dinosaur Histriasaurus
20m Huge Static Dinosaur Histriasaurus

Below you can see the photos when huge dinosaur Histriasaurus finished installation at Customer’s Dinosaur Park

Amusement Park Equipment – Dinosaur in your park is always an exciting thing

As we all know, many visitors have been attracted by the amusement park equipment at dinosaur parks, not only the adult but also the children. Because it can take you traveling through time to Jurassic time to explore the life of dinosaurs. If you are an adventure lover, you can also experience the thrill of interacting with dinosaurs.

There are hundreds of dinosaur parks around the world, and we have cooperation with dinosaur parks in many countries, including European, the Middle East , Japanese, South Korean, USA, South American . By our hard working for more than 12 years, we have become one of the biggest exporters of park equipment products all over the world. And all the customers who cooperated with our company speak highly of us, for we provided the quality products and friendly after-sales service.

The dinosaur parks we have cooperated with have attracted a large number of tourists, and they are the successful cases. So why are they successful? Why they can attract more tourists than others’? You can get all the answers from our website 🙂

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