Animatronic Dinosaur And Dinosaur Skeleton Finished In Our Factory

Customer’s idea for this order is they want to show their visitors how a dinosaur looks like by skeleton version and skin version in the outdoor playground dinosaur exhibition , but they do not want the two dinosaur models are very big , so we have suggest the dinosaurs world running star which is Velociraptor to our customer.

Through several discussion by email , customer confirmed this order very quickly. Sometimes the business is very easy , right ? 🙂

After 25 days hard working , we have finished the animatronic dinosaur and dinosaur skeleton for Croatia customer in our factory , they will use the two dinosaur models for outdoor playground dinosaur exhibition

When we sent photos and video to customer after dinosaurs finished in our factory , their reply is both dinosaur models are very realistic and look quite perfect 🙂

Our company’s objects are: Quality first,service foremost !

Velociraptor Skin Version outdoor playground dinosaur exhibition
Velociraptor Skin Version (1)
Velociraptor Skin Version (2)
Velociraptor Skin Version (2)
Velociraptor Skin Version (3)
Velociraptor Skin Version (3)

All our dinosaur models are finished with lifelike appearance, smooth movements, and alive roaring, our animatronic dinosaurs are loved by children of the Jurassic dinosaur theme parks, amusement water parks dinosaur museums, and any kind of exhibitions.

We consult with paleontologists to ensure each animatronic dinosaur are created according to the pressional archeologist who works in the Zigong Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaurs World can design and produce any kind of animatronic dinosaur , dinosaur skeleton according to customers requirements and specifications.

Share your ideas with us, you will have your own dinosaurs in your place with a very competitive price from us .

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