Hot Sale Kids Dig Fossils Project In Different Countries

Find a place and promoting our “ Kids dig fossils model” , you will see this area will be the top attraction in your site. Check this video and see how kids enjoy this funny and interesting job.

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Dinosaur Rides And Kids Playground Dinosaurs Project In Different Countries

Whatever you want get money from kids or all the dinosaurs models will be just free for them , order and promoting our kids playground models in your amusement park , museum , kids entertainment site , theme park , dinosaur park , Jurassic park , attraction event , dinosaurs show etc…. will be your best choice !

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28 Units Life Size Animatronic Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Skeleton Ordered From Czech Republic 2011

After 3 years cooperation , Czech Republic clients opened his fifth theme dinosaur park in 2011. This park is in Prague and over 2000 overseas visitors been to this jurassic place each day to see the wonderful dinosaurs creatures that they have ever seen in this world . This great touriest place will take you on a jurassic world trip . See the life size , moving giants from the past , 1:1 , face to face !

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Over 80 Units Animatronic Dinosaurs Ordered By UK Clients From 2008 – 2015

After the great dinosaurs exhibition at Oxford Street London 2008, customer moved all dinosaurs to their golf courses in 6 different places in the UK . And from 2008-2015 , they ordered more than 80 units different kind of robotic dinosaurs from us , which have been installed in Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf Courses . Visitors there can play golf , eating nice food , see the beautiful decorations as well as photos with these amazing life size dinosaurs. The order quantity for us for the regular golf park and new golf park in New Meldan is over five 40feet containers each year. 

animatronic dinosaur adventure golf courses UK
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