Hot Sale Super Market Dinosaurs , Check Our Animatronic Dinosaurs In Super Market Project

Supermarket Project – Canada

Customer in Canada ordered fiberglass T-rex head for the attraction for his supermarket 

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Supermarket Project In Different Countries

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Supermarket Dinosaurs Attraction Project In Different Countries

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Over 14 Units Big Ice Age Animals Ordered By Venezuela Clients 2013

Over 14 units big ice age animals models have been installed in the biggest shopping mall in Venezuela. Over thousands of visitors go through this shopping mall in one hour . All these giant animals are made handwork by our engineers , 1;1 , realistic , alive looking with movements and sound . Do you like to go shopping with these prehistorical age animals beside you ?
After 3 months , these ice age animals will moved to their new home named MARACAIBO , another coastal city in Venezuela and start their new life 🙂

ice age animals,robotic animals,prehistorical animals
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