Hot Sale Animatronic Animals In Jungle Theme Restaurant , Check Our Animatronic Animals And Dinosaurs In Restaurant Project

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Animatronic Dinosaurs Project For Theme Restaurant – USA

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17units Jungle Animals Ordered By Cyprus Customer 2010

In order to make people’s attention in front of the jungel & theme restaurant , Cyprus customer have ordered more than 17 units animatronic animals such as lion , leopard , giraffe, leopard , butterfly, orangutan , crocodile,rhinoceros,elephant etc…… from us in 2009 for his own theme forest restaurant at the beautiful tourist attraction-Larnaca. After these amazing animatronic animals displayed in his restaurant , the business are getting much better than before. People there can have delicious food , fresh drink and have fun with these animatronic animals. Do you like to spent a night there and have a great dinner ?
Now we are discussing the another order for customers five star hotel decoration near this restaurant.

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