Hot Sale Dinosaurs Costume , Pick Out The One You Are Most Interested In !


Raptor Costume

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Dilophosaurus Costume

dinosaur costume , walking with dinosaur costume, walking dinosaur costume


Spinosaurus Costume

dinosaur costume , walking with dinosaur costume,walking dinosaur,walking robotic dinosaur


Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume

dinosaur puppet,walking with dinosaur costume,walking with dinosaur puppet


T-Rex Puppet

dinosaur puppet,dinosaur costume,hot sale dinosaur puppet


Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume


Walking T-Rex Costume

Dinosaur Costume Project – Canada Museum

T-rex costume made for customer in Canada museum ,their advertisement is : Millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the earth. Today , only one dinosaur remains…

dinosaur puppet , dinosaur costume , animatronic dinosaurs , walking dinosaurs

Dinosaur Costume Project – London UK

UK customer bought T-rex costume for his Med Hallowwen Exhibition in London UK

dinosaur puppet,dinosaur costume,walking with dinosaur costume,man made dinosaur

Dinosaur Costume Project – China

We take our T-rex costume to the fair that most customer take part in – Chinese canton fair . Thousands of people go through our exhibition site each hour and most of them are interested to get one or two pieces dinosaur costume for their own exhibition places such as amusement park , kids playground , jurassic park , dinosaur park , theme park , attraction exhibition or event show etc…

walking dinosaur puppet,dinosaur costume,animatronic dinosaur costume,robotic dinosaur puppet

Dinosaur Costume Project-Australia

Customer in Australia ordered our dinosaur costume for his school entertainment exhibition

dinosaur puppet,dinosaur costume,robotic dinosaur,walking dinosaur costume,walking puppet

Dinosaur Costume Project – New Zealand

New Zealand customer take dinosaur costume to the street and give a big shock to the peoples around !

Dinosaur Costume Project – Germany

Germany customer use dinosaur costume making attraction event in front and inside of the shopping mall.

Dinosaur Costume Project – USA

Customer in the U.S. bought our Velociraptor custome and promoting it in IACP exhibition

Velociraptor dinosaur costume Promoting In Customers IACP Exhibition

Dinosaur costume / Dinosaur puppet / Dinosaur suit Project – Italy Hospital

Do you know dinosaur costume even can help patients for recuperating health ? See our dinosaur costume project in Italian children hospital . Everyone feel very excited and smile to dinosaur costume when they come across this special creature that they ever seen .

dinosaur costume,dinosaur puppet,walking with dinosaur,dinosaur suit,walking dinosaur , man wear a dinosaur and walk
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