Hot Sale Animatronic Dinosaurs In Jurassic and Dinosaur Park , Check Our Dinosaurs Jurassic Park Project In Different Countries

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Animatronic Dinosaurs Jurassic Zoo Project – U.S.A

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Animatronic Dinosaurs Project – UK Dinosaurs Park

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Animatronic Dinosaurs Park Project – Croatia

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Animatronic Dinosaurs Indoor Project – Czech Republic

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Animatronic Dinosaurs Park Indoor Project – London

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32 Units Animatronic Dinosaurs Order From Dinosaur Park In Czech Republic 2009

Clients In Czech Republic ordered 32units life size animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaurs skeleton from us in 2009. He has 4 dinosaur parks in Czech republic and these dinosaur parks were regarded as the biggest dinoparks in the whole Europe.
We are now become the long term business relationship partners and until 2015 we have already cooperated with each other nearly 7 years.

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52 Units Animatronic And Fiberglass Dinosaurs Ordered From Poland Amusement Park 2012

More than 52 units life size dinosaurs ordered by Poland clients for their amusement park in Solec city , these dinosaurs were installed in their most eye-catching position in the three different parks. The first order is eight pieces of dinosaurs inlcuinding T-rex , Spinosaurus and Dilophosaurus riding etc… , just over 3months , they give us 44units animatronic dinosaurs order again , after dinosaurs arrived in the three different parks , their business are getting much better and better . We are now discussing the further cooperation for their two water parks in Poland.

amusement park dinosaurs Poland 2012

300 Units Animatronic Dinosaurs , Dinosaurs Skeleton etc…… Ordered By Czech Republic Clients From 2008-2015

Over 7 years cooperation , our customer in Czech Republic Opened their 8th dinosaur park in Spain , over 300 units different kind of animatronic dinosaurs , dinosaur skeleton as well as prehistorical animals have been displayed in the 8th different dinosaur parks , the order quantity for the 7 dinopark in Czech republic and 1 dinopark in Spain is around Eight 40feet containers each year . Millions visitors been to the 8 different dinoparks and seen our life size and realistic dinosaurs each year. Now customer is definitely regarded as the biggest company for dinoparks in the whole Europe even in this whole world. 

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