Hot Sale Animatronic Dinosaurs and Other Entertainment Models For Christmas and Festival Holiday Project

Are you still wondering what kind of attraction models should be display for your Christmas event or Festival holiday ? No doubt , our animatronic dinosaurs will help you to be the top attraction in your Christmas show or any kind of event 🙂

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35 Units Ice Age Animals And Kids Skating Aid Ordered From Brazil Customer 2013

Have you ever seen ice age animals such as Glyptodont , Big Mammoths , Rhinoceros , Megatherium , Saber Toothed Tiger or Giant Beaver before ? After 2 years project discussing , customer from Brazil ordered over 35 units ice age animals and penguin skating aid from us in 2013 for their SnowLand indoor exhibition. Please go to capital city Brasilia in Brazil for seeing such amazing ice age animals. People there can skating by our penguin skating aid , touch the body of different ice age animals and get a free small animals toys for the gift in the store.

ice age animals Brazil 2013

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