Hot Sale Museum Standard & Quality Prehistorical Animals , Check Our Museum Project For Australian Clients Below

Before we start the production of museum high standard quality dinosaurs or animals , we will collecting all the information about the models from books , museum , scientific report, archaeologists articlescrap etc…. in order the finished models will be perfectly match the real skeleton. Here below is the making process photos for the prehistorical Estemmenosuchus we customized for our Australian customers for his traveling exhibition in different museums in this world

Photos that customer sent to us , we will customized this special museum quality Animatronic Estemmenosuchus according to these photos.

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Estemmenosuchus Sponge Finished In Factory

Even clients told us the sponge working is very good but we still want it as similar as the Estemmenosuchus compare with the real skeleton . So we make 3D photos and forwarder it to our engineers and ask them to see where will be the small parts need to be modified in order the finished Estemmenosuchus will be perfect

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By the hard working of our engineers , Museum Quality High Standard Estemmenosuchus finished in our factory for customers , how do you think so ?

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High Standard Packing For Estemmenosuchus , Get Ready For Shipping To Australia

high standard packing for animatronic Estemmenosuchus

Customer is very satisfied with the quality of our Estemmenosuchus and he took photos and video for us after the Estemmenosuchus installed in their museum

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Video For Museum Standard High Quality Estemmenosuchus Finished In Our Factory

Video For Estemmenosuchus Exhibited In Customers Museum

Here Below Is Another Example For Our Hot Sale Museum Standard Titanophoneus Project

Photos for Titanophoneus that clients sent to us

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Sponge Working And Modifying For Titanophoneus 

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Museum Standard High Quality Titanophoneus Finished For Customer In Factory

High Standard Crate Packing For Titanophoneus  ,Get Ready For Shipping To Customers Museum

Dinosaur packing,Finished High Museum Quality Titanophoneus in factory,robotic Titanophoneus

Customer Finished The Installation For Titanophoneus In Their Museum and Took Photos and Video For Us

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Video For Museum Standard High Quality Titanophoneus Finished In Our Factory

Video For Titanophoneus Promoting In Customer’s Museum

Hot Sale Museum Quality Dinosaurs Skeleton , Fossils , bones Project

Beside museum standard high quality dinosaurs and animals , we also provide dinosaurs skeleton , fossils as well as bones replica for different museums in this world. Please check our dinosaurs skeleton , fossils and bones replica project in different countries below 

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