9 Units Life Size Robotic Dinosaurs Finished In Factory For U.K. Customer

This is the fourth order from our regular customer in the U.K. since our first cooperation in 2008-2009. Customer told us that our life size robotic dinosaurs is definitely their best choice to promoting in their adventure golf courses to attract their visitors attention.

Whatever you have amusement park , dinosaur park , zoo , kids playground , adventure theme park or have any kind of attraction event show , our dinosaurs will always be the top attraction in your site 🙂

Order list : 

DWD112 Stegosaurus 1 Pc
DWD023 Tyrannosaurus 1 pc
DWD194 Pterosauria 1 pc
DWD038 Triceratops 1 pc
DWE1343 Dilophosaurus 2 pcs
DWD010 Brachiosaurus(Static) 1 pc
DWE004-1 Animatronic Dinosaur Egg 1 pc
DWD075 Ornitholestes 1 pc

Leading Animatronic Factory Small Size T-Rex Animatronic

DWD023 Tyrannosaurus

Two Spitting Realistic Dinosaur Dilophosaurus

DWE1343 Dilophosaurus

Robotic Dinosaur Stegosaurus

DWD112 Stegosaurus

Alive Looking Dinosaur Ornitholestes Robotic Dinosaur Egg Pterosaur standing on the Trunk

DWD194 Pterosauria

Middle Size Mechanical Triceratops

DWD038 Triceratops

Life Size Dinosaur Stegosaurus Huge 15m long Brachiosaurus

DWD010 Brachiosaurus(Static) Animatronic Spitting Dilophosaurus Dinosaurs

DWE1343 Dilophosaurus

Big Robot Brachiosaurus

DWD010 Brachiosaurus(Static)

Animatronic Dinosaur Pterosauria

DWD194 Pterosauria

Animatronic Dinosaur Ornitholestes Animatronic Dinosaur Egg Animatronic Dinosaur Dilophosaurus

DWE1343 Dilophosaurus

Robotic Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex

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