Biggest Animatronic Dinosaur – 30m Long Diplodocus Finished In Factory

After 35 days hard working , we finished the biggest animatronic dinosaur – 30m long diplodocus for our regular Czech republic customer.

Order list :

Items Number : DWD1331-1 Huge Diplodocus

Movements : Eyes blink , Tail left and right , Stomach breathing , Neck up and down , Head left and right , Mouth open and close

Sound : Alive diplodoucs roaring sound

Power : 220v/50hz or 110v/60hz

Delivery time : 35days in factory

Packing : Cut neck , tail and legs

Huge Mechanical Robot Dinosaur - Diplodocus In Factory DWD1329 Huge Animatronic Diplodocus Biggest Robotic Dinosaur Diplodocus For European Customer Biggest Animatronic Dinosaur - Diplodocus European Dinosaur Park Biggest Dinosaur - Animatronic Diplodocus


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