Walking Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Costume Ordered By Argentine Customer

Realistic Dinosaur Costumes nowadays become one of the most hot sale dinosaur suit in our company !

South America’s refreshing winds drift across the world’s widest Pacific Ocean,across the plains and over the hills,finally bring comfort and coolness to the hot summer city of Zigong.

We received a calling from Buenos Aires – Argentina In June of 2018 in Zigong City which known as the “fire stove” of Sichuan Province, China.Customer’s purpose is very clear that they need a walking Dinosaur Costume of Diplodocus which will exhibit to their visitors in their own attraction tour place. They picked out the Diplodocus costume from our website directly and just having several emails to discuss the price,delivery time , shipping cost etc…. Customer placed the order to us immediately.Speak frankly , I love do business with South American customers because they are very easy to communication and decisive. Is this because of their warm personality? 🙂

Below is the Dilophosaurus dinosaur costume model’s production process and finished display.

Realistic Dinosaur Costumes Dilophosaurus Making Process In Factory
Realistic Dinosaur Costumes Dilophosaurus Making Process In Factory July 2th 2018
Realistic Dinosaur Costume
Dilophosaurus Costume Making Process In Factory July 9th 2018
DWE3324-15 Dilophosaurus Costumes Finished In In Factory July 17th 2018
DWE3324-15 Dilophosaurus Costume Finished In In Factory July 17th 2018
DWE3324-15 Dilophosaurus Costume Dinosaur Suit Transported From Factory
DWE3324-15 Dilophosaurus Costume Transported From Factory To Shenzhen Port July 23th 2018

The above Dilophosaurus Costume or we called Dilophosaurus suit was made by visible legs version . If you like , we can customize the dinosaur to be hidden legs dinosaur costume , see more information about our hidden legs walking dinosaur costume

There should be something interactive with kids in the exhibition or event show. Our walking dinosaur costume will help you to finish this adventure job and is the best option for you . They have realistic dinosaurs appearance , life size shapes , smooth movements , vivid roaring sound and very easy to control.

Pick out our walking dinosaurs costume/ dinosaur suit/ dinosaur puppet that you love most , show us the items number and name , you will receive a best offer from us !

If you have the style you want , just provide us the pictures ,we can customize for you . Welcome consult our customized service.

All information can be found at Robotdinos.com

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