Coin Operated Shooting Dinosaur Model From Our Romania Customer-The Fourth Order

After 25 days of marine transportation, our Romanian guests successfully received our coin operated shooting dinosaur. According to the follow-up product feedback, the recent shooting dinosaurs became one of the most popular amusement projects in their dinosaur park.
The following is the product completion picture and product number:

DWSD001 Shooting Dinosaur
Coin Operated Shooting Dinosaur
Animatronic Coin operated Shooting Dinosaur
DWSD001 Shooting Dinosaur Raptor (2)
Coin operated Shooting Dinosaur
DWSD001 Shooting Dinosaur (3)
DWSD001 Coin operated Shooting Dinosaur
DWSD001 Shooting Dinosaur (4)

cOIN OPERATED SHOOTING DINOSAUR in the playground will always make  children  happier

Which are very hot sale for overseas customers in our company is not only the big animatronic dinosaurs, there are so many different kind of dinosaurs models for kids entertainment such as our T-rex head , dinosaur eggsdinosaur rides , dinosaur back skeleton climbing models etc.
Similarly, our company’s children’s entertainment products also support customization. For example, our company customized a small dinosaur playing guitar for Spanish customers in 2015. When this special small dinosaur appeared in his park, it was loved by many children.
In addition to the products mentioned above, dinosaurs custume, walking dinosaur rides and fiberglass cartoon characters are also popular products for children’s entertainment.
Pick out the ” Kids entertainment ” Models that you love most , show us the items number and name , we will quote you the best prices !

In some large scenic theme amusement and parks, we can often see the figure of the robot dinosaur model, or the claws, or the embarrassing state, and make a lively movement, making a horrible cry. Presumably, many tourists will be curious about what materials are used to these realistic dinosaur models?
A common material is sponge silica gel, which is characterized by softness and sponges. And the touch is very real, just like touching a real creature. The motor is reinstalled inside and the transmission structure is used to create a dinosaur model that can take function.
At the time of production, the steel material such as the square tube of the channel is first used, and the steel skeleton of the dinosaur style is cut according to the design drawing. The welding is then performed according to the action of the Robotic dinosaur model. The parts with motion are welded into the movable joint, and the parts without motion are directly welded to the fixed style.

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