Huge T-Rex Skeleton Replicas – The Third Order From Our Croatian Customer .

After 35 days of transport, the huge T-Rex dinosaur skeleton replica arrived in Croatia in the middle of September and were put into use in the customer’s park in early Oct . According to customer feedback, the exhibition of dinosaur skeleton in the park is still very good as part of the overall layout , it is also expected to bring a different charm to this new area in the park .

Below you can see the different view of our finished T-Rex skeleton replica in factory

DWS016-1 dinosaur skeleton replica
DWS016-1 Huge T-Rex Skeleton

Artificial Dinosaur T-Rex Skeleton DWS016

Artificial dinosaurs skeleton for your exhibition, we are the most professional manufacturer Display hall dinosaurs skeleton replica art toys T-Rex

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1).Material: Advance Resin + Fiberglass

2).Movements: None

3).Sounds: None

4).Power: None

5).Accessories included: None

6).Remarks: All of our animatronics products made up of well treated metal frame ( international export standard) Movements,skined and fleshed with a high density foam , sculpted by our professional artists team with a high grade silicon rubber , which make an alive-look , good touch and smooth movements animatronic dinosaurs .

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use .

Can be displayed at Exhibition show , Dino & theme park , Museum , Playground , Exhibition show , Super market etc…

Dimensions : L=12m , W=2.1m , H=4.3m ( Small fossils replica packaged into a wooden box when shipment. Install the small parts into a whole unit after these small parts arrived in your place )

Below you can see how our huge T-Rex skeleton looks like when it was finished installation in customer’s dinosaur park , just enjoy it !

dinosaur skeleton replica
dinosaur skeleton replica
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