21 Meters Long Huge Dinosaur – Sauroposeidon For Croatia Dinosaur Park

After 25 days hard working , we have finished a very beautiful 21 meters long huge static silicon rubber dinosaur – Sauroposeidon for our Croatian in factory . Customer told us if the feedback from their own customers in Croatian are very good , they will have additional orders to us in the near future. So , lets keep working and fighting 🙂


DWD4281 Sauroposeidon (1)

DWD4281 Static Silicon Rubber Dinosaur – Sauroposeidon (1)

DWD4281 Sauroposeidon (2)

Silicon Rubber Huge Dinosaur – Sauroposeidon . Items number : DWD4281 

DWD4281 Sauroposeidon (3)

Huge Dinosaur – Sauroposeidon  , Items number : DWD4281 

DWD4281 Sauroposeidon (4)
Huge Dinosaur – Sauroposeidon Back View , Items number : DWD4281 

DWD4281 Sauroposeidon (5)

DWD4281 Huge Leg of Amusement park Dinosaur- Sauroposeidon (5)

We are able to design and make variety of animatronic dinosaurs according to your specific needs, So you can install these mechanical dinosaurs in your parks, shopping malls, museums, restaurants and more.

Making a life-like dinosaur requires machining and manual polishing of the details. However , we do this for more than 10 years.

We hope that you will be shocked and moved by every detail of our artificial dinosaurs, such as their shape, sound, and various movements.

They have different skin, size, weight, movement, sound and so on. But they have one thing in common— lifelike. So, if you are running a theme park, kids playground, restaurant, bar or exhibition hall, the animatronic dinosaurs will be an option you can’t miss because they will help you attract more visitors. They can be placed indoors or outdoors. You don’t have to worry about the weather, because these mechanical dinosaurs are resistant big wind and rain. 

We believe that quality is the most important promise that we give to our clients. For the finished models , we carry out the policy of “no inspect , no leave “

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