customized costume dinosaur prank,Can dinosaurs eat flowers? ( Dinosaur Suit )

This is a special realistic T-Rex Customized dinosaur costume Walking With Dinosaurs Costume| Realistic Dinosaur Costume Halloween| Dinosaur Prank | Dinosaur Suit 1. Material: light mental frame + advanced light silicon rubber plus high density foam 2. Movements: Mouth open and close synchronize with the sound, neck to head moving left to right-up and down, stomach breathing, tail swaying, claws forward and back, eyes blink, body up and down. 3. Sounds: Dinosaur alive roaring sound 4. Power: None 5. Accessories included: None 6. Other: The skin of dinosaurs was sculptured by professional artists who have 10 years experience. That makes our dinosaurs have the most similar look and soft touch as real dinosaurs. Realistic Appearance | Soft touch | Smooth Movement CONTACT US Website: Email: Skype: jackyzengdinosaursworld Mobile: 0086 13778532392 If you have jurassic park , dinosaur park , theme park , amusement park , kids playground or any kind of attraction event show , our animatronic dinosaurs will always be the best models for attract peoples attention in your place. There are more than 300units different kind of dinosaurs that customer can pick out from our catalog and in the meantime , high standard customized animatronic dinosaurs is acceptable in our company. Zigong Dinosaurs World Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals, kids dig fossils replica , dinosaur skeletons replica , dinosaur fossil & bones replica, fiberglass cartoon characters , theme dinosaur park entrance , walking dinosaur rides , kids entertainment models , dinosaur costumes and dinosaur rides in China .Through the years of hard working , we have cooperated with European , Japanese , South Korean , USA , South American and the Middle East customers for more than 12 years. We have became one of the biggest exporters for Animatronic products all over the world. Key words: Animatronic dinosaur dinosaur animatronic animatronic dinosaurs robot dinosaur dinosaur robot robotic dinosaur dinosaur robotic dinosaur park dinosaur museum dinosaur movement moving dinosaur dinosaur figure figure dinosaur animatronic dinosaur dinosaurs entertainment exhibit exhibition replica simulation life size dinosaur factory manufacturers supplier dino Emulationg dinosaur artificial dinosaur bbc dinosaur dinosaur mascot animatronic T rex T rex animatronic tiranosaurio rex animatronic tiranosaurio rex tiranosaurio rex animatronic tyrannosaure rex tiranosaurio Tyrannosaurus تيرانوصور Tirannozavr Тыраназаўр Pà-ông-liông Тиранозаври Tyrannosaurus rex Tiranosaor Tiranosaure Τυραννόσαυρος Tiranosaŭro Türannosaurus Tiranuozaurs 티라노사우루스 ティラノサウルス Тиранозавр Tiranozauras Jurassic Park Dinosaur Mechanical dinosaur Dinosaur costume Walking dinosaur suit Walking dinosaur puppet

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