3 Animatronic Dinosaurs Finished In Factory For UK Customer

After 20 days hard working , we have finished the 3 animatronic dinosaurs for our UK customer . In my own opinion , I love the dinosaur modelIguanodon attacked by three raptors ” most because two raptors will stand on the back of Iguandon and try to kill him , one raptor will stand by the Iguanodon in order it won’t be get away . Very realistic scene , isn’t it 🙂

Order list : 

DWD023 Tyrannosaurus Rex 1Pc
DWD006 Coelophysis 1pc
DWD056 Iguanodon attacked by three raptors 1pc

DWD023-3 Fiberglass Dinosaur Tyrannosaurs Rex DWD023-1 Artificial Dinosaur Tyrannosaurs Rex DWD006-3 Mechanical Dinosaur Coelophysis DWD006-2 Animatronic Dinosaur Coelophysis

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