Second Order Of King Kong Gorilla From Swedish Guest

We delivered the frist order(Realistic Dinosaur Costume And Animatronic Pterosaur)to the swedish customer in last September. And In December of this year, they proposed cooperation idea to us again , this time the demand is to make a King Kong Gorrila. Because it is a prop for the theme exhibition of the movie and their own garden , we submit the design drawing to the customer and start production after receiving their approval .
The production started on the 1th and was Finished on the 20th, which took a total of 20 days.
After Animatronic King Kong Gorilla delivered to the customer, they are very satisfied with the quality

King Kong Gorrila Making Process In Factory December 12th 2016
King Kong Gorrila Making Process In Factory December 14th 2016
King Kong Gorrila Finished In Factory December 20th 2016
King Kong Gorrila Transportation From Factory December 23th 2016
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