6 Units Life Size Robotic Dinosaurs and 1 Unit Dinosaur Skeleton Finished In Factory

The testing order for 6 units life size robotic dinosaurs and 1 unit dinosaur skeleton finished in factory for customer in Netherlands museum , the order list is :

DWD056 Iguanodon with three raptors ( Coin Operator )
DWD007 Herrerasaurus
DWD078 Utahraptor
DWS125 Eoraptor skeleton

Animatronic Iguanodon Attacked By Three Raptor Baby Eoraptor Skeleton Finished In Factory Coin Operator Artificial Trunk DWD078 Animatronic Dinosaur Utahraptor Hot Sale Dinosaur Skeleton Eoraptor Realistic Life Size Dinosaur Herrerasaurus

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