24 Units Fiberglass Animals And Animatronic Animals Finished In Factory For Korean Museum

After one month hard working , we have finished the order ( 22 Units Fiberglass Animals And Animatronic Animals For Korean Museum customer )

Order list as below :

DWA050 Monkey 15 pcs
DWA011 Gorilla  1pc
DWA040 Chimpanzee 1pc
DWA054 Orangutan 1pc
DWA061 King Cobra 1pc
DWA062 Albino Busmese Python 1pc
DWA063 Two Head Boa 1pc
DWA064 Reptile’s Main Entrance 1pc
DWA119 Animatronic Zebra 1pc
DWA031-1 Animatronic Snake 1pc

Alive Looking Animal Monkeys Alive Looking Fiberglass Albino Busmese Python Animatronic Animal Zebra Artificial Fiberglass Chimpanzee Exhibition Show Monkeys Fiberglass Animal Monkey Fiberglass Animal Monkey2 Fiberglass Animal Monkeys Fiberglass Life Size King Cobra Good Quality Fiberglass Animal Orangutan Life Size Monkeys Realistic Fiberglass Two Head Boa Realistic Life Size Animal Gorilla Realistic Monkeys Robotic Animal Snake


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