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Thirteen Order Animatronic Dinosaur Finished For Czech Customers In Our Factory

After 50 days hard working by our engineers in factory , we have finished all the special playground equipment – 19 units artificial models ( Animatronic Dinosaurs , Dinosaur Rider) for our Czech Republic customer .

Here below is the full information about this order for you Reference

DWD089 Animatronic  Dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus 2pcs
DWD1440  Robotic  Dinosaur Parasaurolophus Family 4pcs
DWD130 Realistic  Dinosaur  Megalosaurus 1pc
DWD063  Making Sound And Movements Tsintaosaurus 1pc
DWD067  Man Made Adult Huge Tyrannosaurus Rex 1pc
DWD087  Animatronic  Dinosaur Tochisaurus 1pc
DWR004 Robotic  Dinosaur  T-Rex Ride 1pc
DWR017 Kids  Dinosaur Ride  Velociraptor Ride 1pc
DWD058 Moving  Dinosaur Lufengosaurus 1pc
DWE013 Water Splitting  Dinosaur Dilophosaurus 1pc

DWD058 Lufengosaurus (1)
DWD058 playground equipment Lufengosaurus (2)
playground equipment
DWD063 Tsintaosaurus (1)
playground equipment dinosaur
DWD063 playground equipment animatronic dinosaur Tsintaosaurus (2)
DWD067 Adult Huge Tyrannosaurus Rex (1)
playground equipment huge tyrannosaurus rex
DWD067 Adult Huge Tyrannosaurus Rex playground equipment (2)
DWD087 Tochisaurus (1)
DWD087 Tochisaurus (2)
DWD089 Acrocanthosaurus (1)
DWD089 Acrocanthosaurus (2)
DWD130 Megalosaurus (1)
DWD130 Megalosaurus (2)
DWD1440 Parasaurolophus (1)
DWD1440 Parasaurolophus (2)
playground equipment
DWE013 Water Splitting Dilophosaurus (1)
playground equipment
DWE013 Water Splitting Dilophosaurus (2)
playground equipment
DWR004 T-Rex Ride (1)
DWR004 T-Rex Ride (2)
playground equipment
DWR017 Velociraptor Ride (1)
DWR017 Velociraptor Ride (2)

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Now we have 27 employees and runs 19,800 square meters workshop to produce life-size, life-like static and animatronic exhibits of dinosaurs, animals, fiberglass monsters , dragons, insects, ice age animals, marine life and customized products.

So far, Dinosaurs World has exported the exhibits to more than 28 countries and regions in the world. Our static and animatronic creatures can be suited for both indoor and outdoor, travelling and permanent display. We can also customize layout design and build services for our clients.

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