Dinosaur Fossil Excavation – Children Games Of Dig Out Dinosaur Bones For Western Australian Government

It’s our honor to introduce our Dinosaur Fossil Excavation model and skeleton replicas to you. Our dinosaur skeleton and fossil models are museum quality because most of the bone replicas are from our Zigong dinosaur museum. We not only offer life-sized T-Rex skeleton but also offer animals skeleton and fossils replica such as mammoth skeletons, machairodus skeletons, arctodus skeletons, whale skeletons, skulls, ribs, tails, feet and more.

We can also customize animal skeletons and fossils per your specifications with high quality with good price.

We completed a Dinosaur Fossil Excavation model and 2 fiberglass dinosaur eggs for Australian customers in the factory. After customer received this T-Rex excavation model , they need to put sands on the surface of the whole model , so the kids or children can use the brush to find the T-Rex bones . You can recognize this issue to be a game but children will recognize themselves as the professional archaeologist:-)

The digging T-Rex skeleton model and the fiberglass eggs are completely customized for the customer. If you have any models that need to be customized ,the only thing you need to do is tell us the size and send us the photos of the model that you want , then the rest working just hand to us.

DWE055 Fiberglass Eggshell
DWB004  Dinosaur  T-Rex  Fossils Dig/ Dinosaur  archaeology discovery

dinosaur fossil excavation T-Rex Dig Fossils (1)
T-Rex Dig Fossils (1)
T-Rex Dig Fossils (2)
dinosaur Eggshell and dinosaur fossil excavation
dinosaur Eggshell (1)
dinosaur Eggshell (2)
dinosaur Eggshell (2)
dinosaur Eggshell (3)
dinosaur Eggshell (3)
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