8 Units Fiberglass Dinosaurs Model Finished In Factory

After 4 weeks , we finished the order for our Chile customer in factory  , the order list is 

4 Units of fiberglass dinosaurs model replica
1 Fiberglass dinosaur nest
1 Fiberglass fossils replica
2 Units of samll baby dinosaurs

DWD1202 Kriptosaurus
DWD1203 Piatnitzkysaurus
DWD1201 Titanosaur
DWD1204 Triceraptor
DWE001 Dino nest
DWD1901 Baby dinosaurs
DWE125 Jingshanosaurus fossils

Man Made Fiberglass Dinosaur Titanosaurus Alive Looking Fiberglass Dinosaur Titanosaurus Baby Dinosaur Spinosaurus Baby Dinosaur T-Rex Big Fiberglass Dinosaurs - Triceratops Big Fiberglass Triceratops Fiberglass Dinosaur Nest Kids Dig Dinosaur Bones Model Life Size Fiberglass Dinosaur Titanosaurus Head View Realistic Fiberglass Dinosaur Piatnitzkysaurus

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