7 Units Animatronic Dinosaurs Finished For Russian Customer

Customer in Russia own an amusement park , he decide to having an area in his park for display animatronic dinosaurs for attract people’s attention . 7 units animatronic dinosaurs testing order has been confirmed to my company.

Order list : 

2pcs of animatronic Pachycephalosaur  , 3pcs of Deinonychus ,1pc of Pterosaur , 1pc of animatronic baby egg born from egg


Three Animatronic Deinonychus Fighting Each Other

Artificial Baby Dinosaur Born From Egg

Animatronic Baby T-rex Broken Dinosaur Egg and Back to Dinosaur Egg

Two Animatronic Dinosaur Pachycephalosaur Fighting Each Other

Two Pachycephalosaur Fighting Each Other


Pterosaurus standing on the tree stool

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