Mexican Customers Second Order About Animatronic Dinosaur Rides

Mexican customers who previously ordered our robotic dinosaurs ( animatronic dinosaur rides) wanted to attract more children to increase the number of visitors in their amusement park . After So they decided to order the same products as first order which is our Kids Ride on Animatronic Dinosaurs Model because they think that the dinosaur riders for kids can get money for them and meanwhile children love it very much.
Because this is our second order , we just have several emails contact , then order confirmed 🙂 , Sometimes business is so sample , right ?
The following is our production process of the animatronic dinosaur riders in our factory , and customers are very satisfied with the quality of our products after we finished the second order.

Now we are starting to make dinosaurs. You can see some progress charts below.

animatronic dinosaur rides Making Process In Factory

animatronic dinosaur rides Finished In Factory

Dinosaurs Packing and Transportation From Factory



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