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5 Units Animatronic Dinosaur Ride And Walking Dinosaur Rides Finished In Factory

After one months hard working , we finished the 5 units animatronic dinosaur ride and walking dinosaur rides for Germany customer.  Dinosaur ride is one of our most hot sale products especially for kids playground , amusement park and dinosaur park because kids love it very much . More than this , customer can get money from visitors by display a coin machine box beside dinosaur ride , that means only when visitors put coin into the box , dinosaur ride or walking dinosaur ride will start working .

Order List :

Walking Ankylosaurus Ride 1 Pc
Walking Triceratops Ride 1 Pc
Walking Titanophoneus Ride  1 Pc
Animatronic Pachycephalosaurus Ride 1 Pc
Animatronic Monolophosaurus Ride 1 Pc

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