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The Romania customer order some dinosaurs for their exhibition in the mall.

Recently  Our customer in Romania will going to hold an exhibition .they use dinosaurs in environment protection exhibition    in the mall and park ,so they need to do something attract the audience attention   ,They came up with some ingenious ideas.they will make a video of the daily life of the dinosaurs .they need someone to play the dinosaurs ,the approximate content  of the video is  “in a sunny morning ,an small dinosaurs is awaking by the glare of the sun, and it stumbled and got up.to brush his teeth and wash his face ,say hell to the elder in the garden”  at this time the video stop .

The content of this video is thought-provoking ,How similar is this little dinosaur to a human child? why does their were disappear .whether one day  all the human will disappear like dinosaurs

For environment protection ,when the plan is released ,the government is approval implementation.so  our customer  contact us right now

After a period of communication, they decided to order all the dinosaurs that appeared in video.like the small dinosaur Hatzegopteryx  Triceratops  and so on .
Now we are starting to make dinosaurs. Below you can see some progress charts
they use dinosaurs on the exhibition of the environment protection is successful . follow is some chart of the display in the park,return by our customer

Hatzegopteryx is a genus of azhdarchid pterosaur found in the late Maastrichtian deposits of the Densuș Ciula Formation, an outcropping in Transylvania, Romania. It is known only from the type species, Hatzegopteryx thambema, named by Buffetaut et al. in 2002 based on parts of the skull and humerus. Additional specimens, including a neck vertebra, were later placed in the genus, representing a range of sizes. The largest of these remains indicate it was among the biggest pterosaurs, with an estimated wingspan of 10 to 12 metres

Unusually among giant azhdarchids, Hatzegopteryx had a very wide skull bearing large muscular attachments; bones with a spongy internal texture instead of hollow; and a short, robust, and heavily muscled neck measuring 1.5 metres long, which was about half the length of other azhdarchids with comparable wingspans, and was capable of withstanding strong bending forces. Hatzegopteryx inhabited Hațeg Island, an island situated in the Cretaceous subtropics within the prehistoric Tethys Sea. In the absence of large theropods, Hatzegopteryx was likely the apex predator of Hațeg Island, tackling proportionally larger prey (including dwarf titanosaurs and iguanodontians) than other azhdarchids.