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How We Make Huge Dinosaur Skeleton Replica ( Life Size Adult T-Rex Skeleton )

After ten months, our Croatian customers are back, A 12 meters long T-Rex Skeleton Replica is their third purchasing order.

The project is not simple, because the client has specified that he wants to create a famous Tyrannosaurus Rex which the same quality as “Su” in Chicago’s “The Field Museum”

This is a certain challenge to our company and we start to collect documents from google before the order ,then we redesigned several times of the teeth, hips, forelimbs and tailbone during the construction of the huge T-Rex in order to achieve the maximum possible recovery. 

T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton model placement and posture patterns were discussed several times in our whole team during the period of making process .

After 25 days, we have completed this highly simulated “The Su”, the most lifelike Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton in the 20th century.The following is our making process in factory

DWS016 T-Rex Skeleton Making Process In Factory July 16th 2018
DWS016 T-Rex Skeleton model Making Process In Factory July 16th 2018
DWS016 T-Rex Skeleton Making Process In Factory July 23th 2018
T-Rex Skeleton Replica Making Process In Factory July 23th 2018
T-Rex Skeleton Replica
12 meters long full size T-Rex Skeleton Finished In Factory July 30th 2018
T-Rex Skeleton Replica Packing and Transportation From Factory August 9th 2018
DWS016 T-Rex Skeleton Packing and Transportation From Factory August 9th 2018

Beside dinosaur skeleton models , the dinosaur fossil replica is also one of our hot dinosaur products.

These skeletons are well made and the product details are handled very well. Whether you are looking far or near, you can be shocked by their reality.

Skeleton and Fossils Replica Description

1).Material: Advance Resin + Fiberglass

2).Movements: None

3).Sounds: None

4).Power: None

5).Accessories included: None

6).Remarks: All of our dinosaur fossils replica products made up of well treated metal frame ( international export standard) Movements,skined and fleshed with a high density foam , sculpted by our professional artists team with a high grade silicon rubber , which have an alive-look , good touch and smooth surface action .

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use .

Can be displayed at Exhibition show , Dino & theme park , Museum , Playground , Exhibition show , Super market etc…

Dimensions : Can be customized

Although the dinosaur skeleton and fossils replicas is different from  realistic animatronic dinosaur , they are also waterproof and sunscreen, you can put them indoors or outdoors, and don’t worry about bad weather.Any questions? Email us info@robotdinos.com

Triceratops Head Fossil , Fiberglass Shark and Oviraptor With Baby Eggs Finished In Factory

After one month hard working , we finished triceratops head fossil , fiberglass shark and oviraptor with baby eggs for Japanese customer in our factory. All the three models are totally customized for customer for their shopping mall. If you have any models that need to be customized , the only thing you need to do is tell us the size and send us the photos of the model that you want , then the rest working just hand to us 🙂

Order list

Triceratops Head Fossil 1 pc

Fiberglass Shark 1pc

Oviraptor With Baby Eggs ( Sometimes we call this model , Oviraptor with fiberglass eggs )

Oviraptor With Nest Oviraptor With Baby Eggs Fiberglass Dinosaur Oviraptor Fiberglass Animal Shark Fiberglass Shark Artificial Shark Model Triceratops Head Skeleton Triceratops Head Fossils Dinosaur Skeleton Fossils Replica