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Customized Life Size Animatronic Dinosaurs Finished For Czech Customer In Our Factory

Due to the customization requirements, the order time for life size animatronic dinosaurs is longer than other orders.

Our customer is very satisfied with the life size animatronic dinosaurs we made and gives us a very high evaluation of the work attitude.

After 30 days, the construction period was completed on time.

Here below is the full information about this order for you reference

DWD241 Robotic Dinosaur Model Stegosaurus
DWD4571 Realistic Dinosaur Model Sick Albertaceratops

Life Size Dinosaur Model Sick Albertasaurus
Life Size Dinosaur Model Sick Albertaceratops Items number DWD4571

We are able to design and customize a variety of animatronic dinosaurs according to your specific needs. You can show any mechanical dinosaurs in your parks, shopping malls, museums, restaurants and more.

Making a life-like dinosaur requires machining and manual polishing of the details.

We hope that you will be surprised and moved by every detail of our dinosaurs, such as its style , shape, sound, and various movements.

Zigong Dinosaurs World Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. is able to produce any type of life size Animatronic Dinosaur. All  animatronic dinosaurs are the perfect addition for occasions, including dinosaur park, mini golf, shopping mall, water park… Realistic and entertaining animatronic dinosaurs bring life to the history of dinosaurs! Back to 65 million years, dinosaurs ruled the earth… And now they’re back! Want our dinosaurs for your events? Please email:info@dinosaurs-world.com

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Calculated the size of dinosaur fossils replica according to the real size of fossils that archaeological experts discovery and variety of dinosaurs literature. Created fossils replica by using the dirt , mold , glass steel and other material and the painting. Install and assemble all the small fossils on the steel mold , then such a simulation dinosaur fossils or skeleton replica has been completed.