Animatronic Dinosaurs and Fiberglass Dinosaurs Finished In Our Factory

After 45 days hard working by our engineers , we finished the 10 units advance animatronic dinosaurs and fiberglass dinosaurs for our Asian customer in our factory. The order list as below :

DWE3324-11 T-rex    1pc

DWE3324 Raptor    1pc

DWE009 T-REX RIDE   1pc

DWA1788-1 Titanophoneus  1pc

DWD013-1 Polacanthus    1pc

DWD010-1 Brachiosaurus   1pc

DWD1510 Allosaurus original   1pc

DWE040 Triceratops Rides    1pc

DWE039 Titanophoneus Rides  1pc

DWE024 Carnotaurus Head  1pc

The DWD1510 Allosaurus is totally customized according to the mold that customer sent to us , so we will not shown on this page for business protection which confirmed by our customer . Meanwhile , For DWE039 Titanophoneus ride which the color is also customized according to the photos which customer provided , so we will also not shown in this page , thank you for the understanding !

Prehistorical Animal Titanophoneus Animatronic Animal Titanophoneus Titanophoneus Model Hot Sale Life Size Animal Titanophoneus Triceratops Ride Triceratops Ride For Kids Raptor Dinosaur Costume Dinosaur Suit Dinosaur Costume T-Rex Dinosaur Puppet T-Rex Walking With Dinosaurs T-Rex Ride Children Ride Fiberglass Dinosaur Model Children Take Photos Model Carnotaurus Head Carnotaurus Head Fiberglass Carnotaurus Head Fiberglass Dinosaur Head Fiberglass T-Rex Ride Hot Sale Dinosaur Model Polacanthus Animatronic Dinosaurs Polacanthus Life Size Dinosaur Polacanthus Robotic Dinosaur Polacanthus Big Brachiosaurus Huge Brachiosaurus Robotic Dinosaur Brachiosaurus Animatronic Dinosaur Brachiosaurus Kids Take Photos Model

Here below is the photos after all dinosaur models exhibited in Japanese customers exhibition site.

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