8m long Tyrannosaurus Rex Testing Order From Italian Dinosaur Park 2010

Customer in Italy own a dinosaur park over 5years , but the dinosaurs in their park are only fiberglass dinosaurs which do not have movements and sound , so he decided have a 8m long Tyrannosaurus Rex testing order from us .

Tyrannosaurus Rex Metal Frame Finished

Tyrannosaurus Rex Metal Frame Finished

8m T-rex Sponge Finished In Factory

8m T-rex Sponge Working Finished In Factory And Waiting For Painted By Our Engineers

Hot Sale DWD1344 Animatronic Dinosaur Young T-rex

DWD1344 8m Long Animatronic Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex Finished In Factory

T-rex Packing And Transportation From Factory

T-rex Packed And Transport From Factory to Shenzhen port and then to Italy


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