7 Units Huge Animatronic Dinosaurs Finished In Factory

7 units huge animatronic dinosaurs finished in factory for Czech Republic customer . 

Order list :

1 unit 30m long Diplodocus ( The biggest animatronic Diplodocus in this world )

1 unit Ankylosaurus

1 unit  Apatosaurus

2 units Brachiosaurus

1 unit baby Diplodocus which is 12m long

1 unit animatronic  dinosaur – Splitting Dilophosaurus

12m Long Robotic Dinosaur Brachiosaurus 21m long Huge Animatronic Apatosaurus 30m long Hugest Diplodocus In This World Animatronic Ankylosaurus Animatronic Dinosaur Diplodocus Animatronic Splitting Dinosaur Dilophosaurus Artificial Dinosaur 10m long Ankylosaurus

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