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U.S.A Customer Second Order – Walking Mascot Costume 2013

U.S.A customer ordered 6 pieces of customized fiberglass mascot characters from us at Sep 2013 , after 1 week shipping by air, they received all models in their company at the beginning of this month . All staff in their company are very very satisfied with the customized quality of our products so they placed second order to us immediately . This time they want the mascot can be made to be a costume , that means a person can go in the puppet-like costume that looked like an actual mascot walking around.  In this shot the mascot is looking directly at the visitors. Ever notice clients will be warmly welcomed by the real like movements and sound speak out by the “walking mascot costume

Metal Structure For Mascot Puppet Sep. 25th 2013

Metal Structure For Mascot Puppet Sep. 25th 2013

Mascot Costume Making Process Oct. 8th 2013

Customized Mascot Suit Finished In Factory Oct. 15th 2013