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6 Units Robot Dinosaurs Finished In Factory For France Dinosaur Park Customer

After 30 days hard working by our engineers , we finished all the 6 units robot dinosaurs in our factory on time for our France dinosaur park customer.

The order list is as below :

DWD168 Allosaurus 1 Pc
DWD061 Velocisaurus 1 Pc
DWD040 Baby Triceratops 1 Pc
DWD002 Parasaurolophus 1 Pc
DWD1335 Ornitholestes 1 Pc
DWD1345 Tyrannosaurus Rex 1 Pc

Life Size Parasaurolophus

Life Size DWD002 Parasaurolophus

Robotic Dinosaurs

Robotic Dinosaurs DWD168 Allosaurus

Robotic Dinosaur Ornitholestes

Robotic Dinosaur DWD1335 Ornitholestes

Animatronic Dinosaur Allosaurus

Animatronic Dinosaur DWD168 Allosaurus

Pneumatic Dinosaur Velocisaurus

Pneumatic Dinosaur DWD061 Velocisaurus

Life Size Dinosaur Velocisaurus

Life Size Dinosaur DWD061 Velocisaurus

Jurassic Park Dinosaur

DWD1335 Ornitholestes

Artificial Dinosaur Parasaurolophus

Artificial Dinosaur DWD002 Parasaurolophus

Alive Looking Dinosaur

DWD061 Velocisaurus

Biggest Dinosaur Supplier

Orders For France Dinosaur Park , not including me 🙂

1).Material: Inner(High quality metal framing ) + Outside(Advance silicon rubber)

2).Movements: Mouth open and close synchronize with the sound, Wings incitement .

3).Sounds: Dinosaur alive roaring sound

4).Power: With ISO Certificate high qulity motor . 110/220 vac 50/60hz

5).Accessories included: Control box with one free spare. one speakers with buildin woofer and volume controler,remote control, sensor infrared control and free facts stand .

6).Remarks: All of our animatronics products made up of well treated metal frame ( international export standard) Movements,skined and fleshed with a high density foam , sculpted by our professional artists team with a high grade silicon rubber , which make an alive-look , good touch and smooth movements animatronic dinosaurs .

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use .

Our artificial animatronic dinosaur models can be promoting at Dinosaur Park , Jurassic Park , Theme Park , Amusement Park , Kids Playground , Jungle restaurant , Theme Restaurant , Dinosaur Museum , Shopping Mall , Christmas & Festival Holiday , Super Market , Theme Water park and any Christmas attraction or event show !

We believe that quality is the most important promise that we give to our clients. For the finished models , we carry out the policy of “no inspect , no leave “

The  dinosaurs and other models we made is based on the replica of  dinosaurs fossils in the museum , which perfectly match to the original one. No matter how big the dinosaur is , we will finish the models completed in accordance with the customers ‘ requirements.

4 Big Robot Dinosaurs Finished In Factory For Czech Republic Customer

After 35 days hard working by our engineers , we finished all the 4 big robot dinosaurs for our regular Czech Republic customer in our factory.The 4 dinosaurs is including two T-Rex and two Brachiosaurus , all of which are customized according to the size of adult real life size T-Rex and Brachiosaurus’ skeleton and authoritative ancient biology books 

Order List : 

DWD125 Brachiosaurus 2 Pcs
DWD1340 Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 Pcs

Robotic Dinosaurs Big Animatronic Dinosaur Brachiosaurus Big Robotic Dinosaur T-Rex Artificial Dinosaurs Animatronic Dinosaurs Big Animatronic Dinosaur T-Rex Animatronic T-Rex And Brachiosaurus

Here below you can see the photos after all the 4 animatronic dinosaurs installed in Czech Republic customer’s dinosaur park.

Big Animatronic Dinosaurs After Installed In Dinosaur Park

Big Animatronic T-Rex and Brachiosaurus In Czech Republic 2015