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Museum Quality Animatronic Animal – King Kong Gorilla Finished In Factory

Items Number : DWA136 

Name : Museum Quality Animatronic Animal – King Kong Gorilla 

Size : H=2.6m

Movements : Eyes blink , head left and right , body bent , arms bit breast .

Power : 220v/50hz or 110v/60hz

Delivery time : 25days from factory

Some customers is very pity that the children or kids are not allowed to touch the real animals even they have zoo park or animals theme parks in their countries because some animals are very dangers such as tiger , crocodile , lion , rhinoceros , wolf , shark , hippo etc… but this problem will be solved by our real size and alive looking animatronic animals . Customer can buy display our  animatronic animals at anywhere in their park , kids and children can touch and play with our alive looking animatronic animals at anytime if they want .

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