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2 Units Big Animatronic Dinosaurs Finished In Factory

After the first order for 6pieces animatronic dinosaurs and 2pieces of dinosaur skeleton replica , the second order has been confirmed to us from Czech Republic customer , it is just 4 months after the first order. This time , customer ordered 2pieces big animatronic dinosaurs from us . One is 12m long big Tyrannosaurus and […]

Animatronic dinosaurs,dinosaur skeleton replica Finished In Factory

Animatronic dinosaurs including 4 Pieces of Mamenchiosaurus , 2 Pieces of Parasaurolophus , Dinosaur Skeleton Replica including ( Stegosaurus and Shunosaurus ) Finished In Factory For Dinosaur Park Customer In Czech Republic Zigong Dinosaurs World Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals, kids dig fossils replica , […]

17Units Animatronic Animals Ordered By Cyprus Clients

17Units Animatronic Animals Ordered By Cyprus Clients Order list : 1unit animatronic crocodile , 1unit animatronic giraffe , 1unit animatronic hippo , 1unit animatronic gorilla , 1unit animatronic monkey , 1unit animatronic lion ,1unit animatronic leopard , 1 unit animatronic rhinoceros , two units animatronic butterfly etc…. finished in factory for Cyprus customer ,all animatronic […]