5 Units Robotic Animals And 1 Unit Animatronic Diver Finished In Factory For Indonesia Customer

Over one month hard working , we have finished the order ( 5 units robotic animals and 1 unit animatronic diver ) for our Indonesia customer. We will have engineers sending to Jakarta for the helping of installation for all the animatronic animals , divers and the trucks after they arrived in clients’ exhibition site.

Order list :

DWZ001 Robotic Shark 1 Pc
DWZ002 Robotic Tuna 3 pcs
DWZ003 Animatronic Manta Ray 1 pc
DWZ004 Animatronic Vertical Diver 1 pc
DWE005 Track 2 pcs for animatronic shark

Animatronic Animal Shark Animatronic Diver Animatronic Manta Ray Life Size Animatronic Animal Tuna Robotic Diver Robotic Tuna

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