5 Units Fiberglass Comic Cartoon Statues Finished In Factory For Korean Theme Park

After 35 days hard working by our handicraft team , we finished the five customized fiberglass comic cartoon statues in factory for our Korean theme park customer .

We customized any comic statues to overseas customers over 7 years , whatever you like the comic statues in the movie , comic books ,animation or even you just have the photos in your camera , we can totally customized the models for you according to your special requirements.

Order List : 

DWC017 Spider man 1 Pc
DWC035 Batman 1 Pc
DWC057 Captain America 1 Pc
DWC016 Green Hulk 1 Pc
DWC058 Iron man 1 Pc

Statue American Captain Outdoor Green Hulk Statue Outdoor Cartoon Characters Iron Man Hige Quality Statues Batman Green Hulk Statue Fiberglass Comic Statues Fiberglass Comic Model Batman Fiberglass Comic Characters Spider man Fiberglass Comic Characters Batman Fiberglass Characters Green Hulk Fiberglass Cartoon Spider man Christmas Cartoon Characters Animation Movie Staute Iron Man Cartoon Characters American Captain Fiberglass Comic Cartoon Statues


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